2007 San Diego Wildfires

During October and November of 2007, a series of wildfires known as Firestorm 2007 spread through San Diego County, causing the largest evacuation in the history of California as 12 fires burned simultaneously in the county. There were over 2,200 medical patients evacuated including patients from 3 hospitals and 12 skilled nursing facilities. Multiple shelters were established and the medical reserve corp responded with 66 healthcare professionals. The Emergency Operations Center, Medical Operations Center, and EMS all responded to the disaster, as well. Barriers to care were related to access to victims and medical supplies. Environment affected this disaster as fires were difficult to contain during this fire season related to the ongoing California drought. Trauma services rendered related to burns and air quality/respiratory symptoms. I would like to think that emergency services are better prepared for the onslaught of fires seen in California because of the success of medical care during this operation, however, the wildfires themselves are still difficult to maintain because of the warm and dry California climate.


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